Insect-a-clear Compact Range


Effective, affordable insect control from Insect-a-Clear.

  • The COMPACT range of high voltage grid fly killers has been designed, developed and produced in the UK by one of Europe's leading insect killer manufacturers.
  • These electric fly killers are easy to service and offer exceptional value for money - without having to resort to plastic in the main construction.

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Insect-a-clear Heavy Duty Lantern insect killer

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Professional Quality Bower Electric Grid Lantern Fly Killer with black lid and catch tray, for outdoor use.

  • Ideal for beer gardens of pubs, patios, barbecue areas, and al fresco dining.
  • All stainless steel construction with epoxy-coated steel lid and catch tray.
  • Kills flies, bluebottles, gnats, moths, wasps, mosquitoes and other nuisance flying insect pests.
  • Lures flies and flying insects Into it's electronic grid 
  • Choice of standard UV 18 watt lamp or an 18 watt, energy saving, high intensity Sylvania shatterproof UV lamp
  • 440mm high x 305mm diameter. (17.4in x 12.5in) 
  • Made in Great Britain
Replacement lamp is the 18 WATT SHATTERPROOF UV LAMP ref. no. LL18WS-S
  • Incorporates a powerful high tension transformer that will destroy any insect that hits the killing grid, even in high infestation areas, year after year.
  • Fully interlocked safety guard that cuts off power if removed before disconnection from power supply.
  • Comes complete with a hanging chain.
  • Easily emptied and cleaned.
  • Effective within an area of up to 100 square metres.
  • Independently tested and approved to European standards and is water resistant (rated to IPX4).
  • Conforms to BSEN 60335-1:2002/60335-2-59:2003.

Bower COMPACT - 15 watt Insect Killer

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Insect-a-clear COMPACT insect killer - finished in WHITE

  • Ideal for beer gardens of pubs, patios, barbecue areas, and al fresco dining. 
  • There are 2 models in this range, one has a standard UV tube whilst the other, a shatter resistant one. 
  • Both models can be wall mounted, suspended or free standing. 
  • The Insect-a-clear COMPACT fly killer has been designed for use in restaurants, food shops, kitchen areas, fast food outlets etc., indeed anywhere where flying insects present a problem. 
  • Slim design, so ideal where ceiling height or wall space is restricted. 
  • Built to the latest British and European standards. 
  • The outer casings are made from steel rather than plastic, which can degrade with the effects of ultra violet light.  
  • Easy mains isolation
  • Easy servicing 

Replacement lamp: LS14WX-W standard; LS14WS-W shatter resistant

The following features are incorporated in the Insect-a-clear COMPACT:


  • All steel construction, zinc coated and then powder coated for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Electrical plug and socket on side of machine allows easy isolation for servicing.
  • Easy servicing, just undo the 2 screws for easy access to the tube and grid.
  • Stainless steel killing grid.
  • Aluminium catchment tray for easy and hygienic disposal of the dead insects.
  • Shatter resistant tube option.
  • Conforms BS EN 60335-2-59 and the European EMC directive.
  • Full 1 year guarantee (except tube).
  • Screws and wall plugs are provided for wall mounting.
  • Effective within an area of up to 40 square metres
  • Size: 370mm x 225mm x 115mm (14.6in x 9in x 4.5in)

Bower COMPACT CIRCLINE - 22 watt insect killer

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Insect-a-clear COMPACT CIRCLINE fly killer with 22 watt Circline lamp - finished in WHITE
  • Product description as above, except for:
  • Effective with an area of up to 80 square metres
  • Size: 310mm x 340mm x 115mm (12.25in x 13.5in x 4.5in)
  • Replacement lamp: TC22WX standard; TC22QS shatter resistant

Bower COMPACT MAXI - 80 watt Insect Killer

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Insect-a-clear COMPACT MAXI fly killer - finished in white.